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6 January Battle of Tigris.
9 January Last troops evacuated from the Helles beachhead at Gallipoli. Campaign abandoned.
21 January Lance Naik Lala, 41st Dogras, wins the Victoria Cross at El Orah, Mesopotamia for saving the life of a wounded British officer and his own adjutant with complete disregard to his personal safety.
12-13 April

Naik Shahamad Khan, 89th Punjabis, wins the Victoria Cross near Beit Ayeesa, Mesopotamia. He beat off three enemy counter-attacks and worked his gun single-handed after all his men except two belt-fillers had become casualties.

29 April

Siege of Kut ends. Anglo-Indian garrison finally surrenders to the besieging Turkish forces after 143 days.

1 July Battle of the Somme. Major Anglo-French offensive launched in Picardy. On the opening day, the British Army suffers 57,470 casualties, including 19,240....
14 July Battle of Bazentin Ridge. On the Somme, the British launch a dawn attack that captures the villages of Bazentin and Longueval. British and Indian cavalry make a short-lived charge towards High Wood.
15 July

Battle of Delville Wood. Delville Wood on the right flank of Bazentin was attacked by the South African Brigade followed by the Scots. The 'Deccan Horse' was also part of this action.


The British get hold of Urdu letters written on silk: communication between leaders of what comes to be known as the ‘Silk Letter Movement’ (Tehreek-e-Reshmi Rumal) calling for revolution to overthrow...

28 August

Italy declares war on Germany.

September 1916

The Home Rule League movements spearheaded by Annie Besant and Bal Gangadhar Tilak demand self-government for India within the British Empire.

4 September

British forces take Dar es Salaam in German East Africa.

15 September

Battle of Flers-Courcelette on the Somme. Allied forces advance, using the support of tanks for the first time.

25 September

Battle of Morval. The British turn their attention to Morval on the left flank of Delville Wood.

19 November

Battle of the Somme ends in snow and heavy rain after 142 days of fighting.

13 December

Battle of Kut Al Amara.

29 and 31 December

The Lucknow Pact calling on greater representation of Indians in governance is adopted by the Indian National Congress and the Muslim league respectively. The Congress accepts separate electorates for Hindus and Muslims.